Cham Pang Lanes

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cham pang lanes

Welcome to Châm Pang Lanes, the epitome of an awesome hangout nestled in the heart of Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row Arts and Culture Center. We embrace a little bougie charm without taking ourselves too seriously, creating an ambiance that exudes fun, laughter, and pure indulgence. Here, Cocktail Hour reigns supreme, and we invite you to join us in escaping the chaos of the world and stepping into our dreamy, utopian paradise.

Picture yourself surrounded by the effervescence of champagne, the mouthwatering delight of fried chicken, and the joy of a friendly game or two of duckpin bowling. At Châm Pang Lanes, we’ve crafted an experience that tickles all the senses, blending the taste of the good life with a touch of whimsy and wonder.

Step inside and let the good times roll as you immerse yourself in the spirit of Châm Pang Lanes. Embrace the joy of life, savor delectable treats, and raise a glass to the sheer delight of the moment. Welcome to our haven of enjoyment, where dreams come to life, and happiness knows no bounds.

**Conceived and Operated by Flagship Restaurant Group