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Welcome to Palma, an extraordinary patio hangout nestled within the vibrant Roosevelt Row Arts and Culture Center of Downtown Phoenix. Prepare to be embraced by a lush nursery of palm trees, creating a secluded oasis where you can truly unwind and connect. At Palma, we believe in a judgment-free zone, devoid of preferences or labels, where the focus is solely on delivering damn good food, a killer energy, and an unrelenting rhythm of great music.

Escape to the palms and discover a haven where the day unfolds with boundless possibilities. Start your morning with an energetic brunch, savoring delectable delights while basking in the sun-drenched atmosphere. As dusk settles, experience the magic of happy hour, as the sky paints a stunning backdrop to your laughter-filled conversations. And as night falls, gather around the flickering fire pits, releasing your inner worries and daily stresses into the warmth of the flames.

At Palma, authenticity is celebrated, and you are invited to come as you are. Laugh, share stories, and raise a glass to the good times that unfold in this remarkable space. Let the flickering firelight illuminate your smiles as you release your cares into the night, finding solace in the company of kindred spirits.

Join us at Palma, where the beauty of nature blends seamlessly with the joy of human connection. Indulge in sensational flavors, soak in the vibrant energy, and create memories that will linger long after the night fades away. Welcome to your personal sanctuary, where laughter dances in the air and every moment is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures.

**Conceived and Operated by Flagship Restaurant Group