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Welcome to Rip Valley, a vibrant retail destination where sports card enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados unite. Born in 2021 and proudly situated in the Phoenix Arts’ District on Roosevelt Row since 2022, Rip Valley emerged from a serendipitous gathering of passionate sports card junkies who shared more than just a love for the hobby.

In the wake of unprecedented circumstances, this group of crazy, fanatical, and obsessed individuals weathered the storm of the COVID era together, leading them to embark on a remarkable journey. Driven by their collective vision, they set out to create the ultimate “card shop” that fulfilled their deepest desires and exceeded all expectations.

At Rip Valley, we offer an immersive experience like no other. Join us for live breaking experiences, where the excitement unfolds right before your eyes. Dive into virtual and “hybrid” breaks that blend the best of both worlds, allowing you to engage with the action from anywhere. Delve into our extensive selection of sealed wax and singles, carefully curated to cater to every collector’s passion and preference.

But our offerings don’t end there. Rip Valley is more than just a sports card haven. We embrace the broader realm of pop culture and cater to your diverse interests. Discover a curated selection of sneakers and apparel, representing the latest trends and timeless classics. And as true enthusiasts, we can’t help but share our love for random stuff we hold dear. While we may reluctantly part with these treasures, they find a new home with those who appreciate their unique charm.

Join us at Rip Valley and immerse yourself in a haven where passion meets community, where collectors become friends, and where the joy of the hobby is celebrated. Experience the thrill of the chase, explore the wonders of pop culture, and discover that elusive piece that completes your collection. Rip Valley is more than a retail destination—it’s a haven for enthusiasts like you.