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Welcome to Ten-O-One, an exceptional mixed-use building that stands as a beacon along the Central Avenue corridor, serving as a true gateway into the vibrant tapestry of the Roosevelt Row Arts District, the Downtown Core, historic residential neighborhoods, and the cultural venues surrounding Hance Park. With its commanding presence and strategic location adjacent to the Roosevelt and Central Light Rail Station, Ten-O-One offers unrivaled convenience and accessibility.

As a marquee building in the area, Ten-O-One seamlessly blends retail, food and beverage, and office spaces, creating a dynamic hub of activity and opportunity. Discover a curated selection of retail outlets that showcase a variety of unique offerings, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of visitors and residents alike. Indulge in a culinary journey through our array of food and beverage establishments, each serving up a delightful fusion of flavors and culinary creativity.

Ten-O-One also caters to the needs of professionals and businesses seeking a central and inspiring workspace. Our office spaces provide a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration, with modern amenities and a vibrant atmosphere that fuels creativity and innovation.

Step into Ten-O-One and experience the seamless integration of commerce, culture, and community. As a central landmark, we invite you to explore the surrounding neighborhoods, cultural destinations, and artistic wonders, all within easy reach from our prime location. Whether you’re seeking a shopping excursion, a culinary adventure, or a thriving workspace, Ten-O-One sets the stage for extraordinary experiences and endless possibilities.

**One of the key members of Intersection Development is a managing member of the Ten-O-One project and co-manager of the asset. Intersection Development does not offer development services for the project.