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The Nash

Welcome to The Nash, an extraordinary jazz club nestled in the heart of the Roosevelt Row Arts and Culture District in downtown Phoenix. Renowned by Downbeat Magazine as one of the “Great Jazz Venues in the World,” The Nash goes beyond preserving an original American art form. It serves as a catalyst for the creation of a modern musical experience, fostering a community of jazz enthusiasts and musicians who embrace both the past and the future.

As you step into The Nash, you enter a world where the love for jazz permeates every corner. It is not just a concert club; it is a vibrant learning space that ignites a passion for this uniquely American art form. Here, jazz lovers gather to celebrate and immerse themselves in the captivating melodies, improvisation, and soulful rhythms that define jazz.

The Nash is dedicated to honoring the rich tradition of jazz while embracing ongoing innovation. Through a carefully curated lineup of quality live performances, we bring exceptional jazz artists to the stage, captivating audiences with their extraordinary talent and artistry. But The Nash is more than just a venue for world-class concerts. It is also a hub for unique educational programs that inspire and nurture the next generation of jazz musicians. By providing opportunities for learning, mentorship, and collaboration, we cultivate a dynamic jazz community that extends beyond the boundaries of the greater Phoenix area.

Join us at The Nash and become part of a musical journey that transcends time and connects people through the universal language of jazz. Immerse yourself in the rich melodies, the spontaneous improvisations, and the sheer joy that jazz brings. Experience the magic of live performances, engage in educational programs, and witness firsthand how The Nash continues to shape the jazz landscape, both locally and globally.